Atlas Project

Assiduous research and the consequent, increasingly important, achievement of results have meant that Atlas Olive Oils is a business in continuous evolution. This constant expansion has opened doors to foreign markets, and this necessitates new professional figures. Atlas Olive Oils believes that the development of its collaborators is a strategic objective and a determining factor in maintaining a competitive advantage.
Collaborators who are qualified and motivated are guarantees for success. For this reason, Atlas Olive Oils selects people who are enterprising, gifted with creativity, constantly open to learning, flexible and willing to work in teams.
Through a combination of learning directly in the field and the support of courses for learning the most up-to-date skills and information as well as perfecting existing skills, Atlas Olive Oils promotes the professional growth of its collaborators in a focused and systematic way. Starting today, Atlas Olive Oils is seeking agents for distribution.
Please, send us your Curriculum Vitae to and we will reply as soon as possible.