Atlas Olive Oils is Carbon Neutral Company

CO2 Neutral Company

A development that helps the Country.

Only through a responsible development protecting the environment and the people you can judge the real company’s greatness. Atlas Olive Oils has ever been aware of the importance of such values and has chosen to produce its olive oil in a sustainable way. This commitment has been translated in the creation of job-opportunities in the very poor regions of Morocco while respecting and preserving culture and territory.

CO2 Neutral Company

CO2 Neutral Company
PAS2060 (certificate N°22/156)

We teach

We teach and help farmers.

In order to help agricultural development within the region, Agro Health teaches and helps local farmers to improve the way they cultivate olive trees by using the latest technologies. This is done either on site or by participating in agronomical seminars. In this way, Agro Health creates a virtuous circle spreading knowledge and welfare.

man looking at the olives
man on tractor
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worker caring for olive trees
We save

We save water.

Agro Health is highly concerned by water saving: we installed the most advanced systems of drip irrigation, and we use a special rock (brought from a South American volcano) mixed into the soil to keep water available for a longer time at the olive plant roots. Moreover, we have built the 1st basin in Morocco (retention capacity of 46,000 m3 of water) totally covered (using a German technology) to prevent evaporation of water. Water is precious for everyone and Agro Health knows it.

We care

We care about our workers.

The care to our workers is one of our top priorities. We never employ children, we use tractors with air conditioning in the cabin (to be able to work under high temperatures and avoid respiratory problems due to sandy air), and we take charge of our workers social and medical care. The good health of our workers is also Agro Health’s good health.

We plant

We plant olive groves.

Because Morocco is a semi-desertic country, planting large areas of olive trees creates a local micro-climate and slows down the invasion of the neighbouring desert. We have made a recent application to obtain carbon credits from the United Nations because each Hectare of high-density olive trees absorbs 3 Tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). By planting vast olive groves, Agro Health contributes to the fight against desertification.

Circular economy

We have done a lot and we will not stop.

We have always cultivated olive trees and produced extra virgin olive oils paying the utmost attention to environmental, social and production sustainability, but it’s not limited to this. Like any other activity, the production of olive oil also generates waste. After many years of applied research, we have been able to give a second life to pruning worn branches, olive baby leaves, olive leaves, olive pulp and olive pits by creating new products with surprising performance features. We have thus created OLIVIE, a line of nutraceuticals, food supplements and anti-aging products which extraordinary benefits that have been proven by numerous clinical studies and scientific researches. We also created, OLIVETTE, a line that includes innovative healthy briquettes, 100% made of recycled by-products from the olive tree, suitable for BBQ, fireplace, heating and sauna for a true green-fire experience and horticultural charcoal for eco gardening.
Olive trees + extra virgin olive oil + food supplements + briquettes + horticultural charcoal = zero environmental impact. A real virtuous circle, known today under the name of “circular economy”, which we have already created many years ago.

carbon neutral company

Atlas Olive Oils goes CO2-NEUTRAL.

ATLAS OLIVE OILS has been certified a “CARBON NEUTRAL COMPANY” meaning that our business absorbs more CO2 than it releases into the atmosphere, and we aim to achieve a fixed reduction in emissions along the entire value chain.
Following a dedicated 10-year program, we have achieved our main environmental sustainability goal: to produce zero-emission olive oil products. For this reason, we are one of the very first olive oil companies in the world to be certified carbon neutral according to the internationally recognized PAS2060 standard (certificate No. 22/156).

To further reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change, we have built a photovoltaic system that allows us to produce the energy used by our company and have invested in a project of a wind farm building in India.
We also no longer ship our products by air to avoid pollution as much as possible, but do so by sea or by truck in a few cases.

We are proud of our environmental policy and of what we have achieved, but we will not stop here. We are aware that the responsibility of building a better future falls on us who with our actions contribute to making our development more and more sustainable every day.

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