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There is no tradition without innovation.

Our processing starts here. In old times, the Romans developed this terroir. Here they cultivated vineyards and olive orchard which in part have been traditionally maintained. The respect for this millenary history and our passion for this special terroir together with our desire for innovation lead us to develop new orchards through the most up-to-date cultivation systems in the full respect for environment and man.
Improved soil conditions, an attentive cultivar selection and a careful tree growth enable us to produce high-quality olives.

The groves

The right cultivar for the best olive oil.

Among more than one million olive trees of our modern orchards, the varieties mostly cultivated are the Spanish Arbequina and the Arbossana along with a very small percentage of the Greek Koroneiki and the Moroccan Dahbia.
In the old centenary orchard of Marrakech, the 3,000 trees are mainly Picholine du Languedoc (of French origin) and native cultivars such as Picholine Marocaine, Dahbia, Menara, and Haouzia.

Moroccan olive oil groves
Moroccan olive oil groves
Moroccan olive oil groves
Moroccan olive oil groves
Moroccan olive oil groves
The olive oils groves
The Harvest

Twenty minutes for the top quality.

Our olives are harvested directly from the tree, without any contact with the soil and its impurities. It is from clean and healthy olives that we extract a pure olive juice, conserving all its polyphenols and with a very low degree of acidity (usually maximum 0.2°). The benefits we get from this way of harvesting are:
– a quick harvest at an optimal maturity stage of the olives;
– a very short time period between harvest and crushing that does not exceed 20 minutes;
– a delicate attention brought to our olive trees. Our olive trees are not bullied, they are just gently shaken so that our olive trees are in no way hurt and can regenerate freely for next year’s crop. At Atlas Olive Oils we know the basis of a grand cru olive oil is a top quality olive fruit.

The mill

Only mechanical processes.

Atlas’s extra virgin olive oil is extracted only by mechanical processes (crushing, malaxation and separation). Once our olives are removed from their leaves and impurities during washing, they are crushed in a homogeneous paste. This paste is then mixed and macerated at a temperature not exceeding 25°C in order to maintain all its flavours. Thereafter, at the time of its passage through the centrifugal machine, oil is separated from the paste preserving its bouquet of flavours. At Atlas Olive Oils, always keeping in mind the highest possible quality, the oil of each olive variety is stored separately in inert stainless-steel tanks inside air conditioned rooms to avoid oxidation during storage and in order to preserve all the oil’s fruitiness.

The control

From the seedling to the bottle.

Since we own our olive groves, we control the quality of our oil and its traceability from a young seedling. At Atlas Olive Oils we are able to tell for any bottle of extra virgin olive oil: the geographical origin of the fruit, the variety, the nature of soil and all the operations that have been conducted on the olive tree that gave birth to it.

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